"We love the things that make life a little more fun!"

We Gadgets !

That's actually a bit of an understatement! The two guys that started Modern Gadget love nothing more than stumbling into a museum store and finding something new or coming across a boutique manufacturer that has designed something truly unique.

Modern Gadget was an idea conceived by guys who found themselves always talking about the cool things they found in shops and online. While the original idea was to blog about random unique objects, it turned out to be more interesting to source them and offer the fun finds to customers!

So after years of writing random reviews and articles about gadgets, the concept of Modern Gadget was hatched from an idea and turned into being a place to discover and buy inexpensive accoutrements that make life more interesting. 

Our goal is to offer new and affordable finds nearly every day that people can enjoy without breaking the bank! 

We're excited to share our favorite things with the world and hope you enjoy the gadgets we offer.