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Banksy Products For Sale!

Banksy Street Art Products Now Available To Buy

If you’ve been following the news on the Banksy project called “Gross Domestic Product” – it is a storefront only created to guarantee that an “unnamed greeting card company” doesn’t lay claim to the name “Banksy” and derivative works.  Well the store is open and you can shop online for a few items starting today.

Having looked at the few items for sale, they’re both expensive and a bit ridiculous, all in Banksy fashion.   It very much feels like a store built out of necessity (as it is claimed to be).   So don’t be surprised when you see the 500GBP clock and other items not even available to purchase.

We love Banksy and hope that all of this effort fends off the attempts to hijack his name and creativity for commercial purpose.

Read all about the legal challenge and purpose of Gross Domestic Product Here

Shop Banksy Products Here


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