Do Clip On Cell Phone Lenses Really Work?

Do Clip On Cell Phone Lenses Actually Work?  Our Take:

I was an early adopter of the clip on lens fad with the first version of Olio Clip.  As cool as the lenses are, I found myself rarely using the Olio Clip because it took so long to line up with the camera and had too many parts.  Fast forward a few years, lenses have gotten more plentiful, less expensive and actually BETTER.  After spending nearly $70 on an Olio Clip a few years ago just to have it obsolete with a phone model change I was a little disenchanted... until I saw universal clip on lenses that protected from obsolescence.  So for about $12, I tried out an 8X zoom lens to see if these things actually work. Shockingly, they perform better than expected. 

Below is a photo taken from an iPad from our office in Amsterdam with and without the 8X zoom lens. 

ipad image without zoom lens

This is the same image with the zoom lens (8X).

clip on 8X zoom lens for iphone ipad samsung


Surprising me the most is the quality of image from an inexpensive zoom lens. 

While this is a great little gadget for a quick photo, the loss in quality is sometimes evident, however the lens has a rotating sleeve that helps focus the image and make it more crisp. 

- Small & Light Weight
- Inexpensive
- Universal Compatibility
- Includes lens caps

- Takes a little time to get used to lining up with the camera quickly
- Leaves a rounded effect on pictures taken (even though this could be considered artistic!)
- Slight quality loss on photos which isn't completely unexpected

Having a good experience with this lens, I'm now going to try the various other lenses on the market including macro and wide angle!  I'll post an update as soon as they arrive.


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