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About Modern Gadget

First of all, thank you for visiting Modern Gadget / moderngadget.com!

This site was originally developed as a part of a larger e-commerce brand and became a gadget and electronics division of that brand.  In 2014, the primary brand was sold and the founders retained ownership of Modern Gadget.

For several years, while the founders worked on other projects, Modern Gadget received no love even though we believed the potential.

In 2019, the founders decided to come together again and work on a project that focused around all types of gadgets since that’s what they originally loved the most!

Now we will make this our priority and share our love of gadgets large and small with the world. We will embrace the relationships we built over the past 15 years to write great content on new & upcoming gadget releases as well as classics that have been overlooked.

We’re (TRULY) excited to start working on this project again and looking forward to exploring the vast world of gadgetry.

Don’t forget, if you have a recommendation – please let us know (here!)

Modern Gadget